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Looks like it could have been decent, but it is very punitive and frustrating. Not necessarily hard mind you; there is an easy mode that makes things more bearable, but easy mode doesn’t fix bad mechanics.

There are a lot of things to collect, often random drops. Death means loosing all progression since the last checkpoint and these are few and far between. You’re very short-sighted, so there are lots of traps or insta-death pits that you can’t know until you actually fall into them once, and lots of ways to get knocked into those pits with no chance of mid-air recovery.

A lot is questionnable regarding the mechanics of the character, but the worst offender of them all I think is the dodge roll. Using it is like casting a curse upon yourself. You get a barely enough i-frames to pass through one(1) enemy, and then are left at your most vulnerable for almost a second (an eternity on this scale) or until you can touch the ground. It can’t be canceled midway, you cannot alter your trajectory after launch, and it launches you so far away that your landing point will be outside the screen.

The dodge roll is also required in plateforming for some long/high jumps, but it’s a leap of faith every time, and the preconditions to succeed are often very finicky.


Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android?

got  a bug saying too much memory