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I'm only seeing characters but no backgrounds? I'm just running into invisible walls.. 

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Hello! Thanks for reaching out. 

Please try redownloading the game. We are aware some users are having issues. Please share any further problems you might have.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we ask for your patience and understanding. 


Thanks for your bugfix. I was able to playthrough the game & I enjoyed it!..a little short but it was worth the buy. I <3 these naughty but cute rpg-pixel art style games :}

The current game file should work correctly.

PSA: If you encountered any problems before 5/24/2022, try opening www->js->plugins and renaming the garbled file to "メッセージ効果音.js" as our community member blagraph mentioned.

I had an issue when decompressing the .zip archive that a .js file was named incorrectly (garbled text).

To solve this issue, rename the file to "メッセージ効果音.js" and the game will run.

Hello Blagraph, 

Thank you so much for purchasing Dragon Princess Anastatia! We're sorry to hear that you had issues running the game. Thank you for posting this to help others out. We will fix the issue and reupload the game. Thanks! (: